ag safety

  1. Photo of a farmer in an all-terrain track chair working in a barn.

    Help for Injured or Aging Farmers

    Aug 14, 2017

    LONDON, Ohio — Getting older or injured generally won’t stop a farmer from working.

    But work does not have to be painful. Changes can be made to a tractor or a combine, such as adding a lift to get aboard them more easily or adding a camera to keep a farmer from having to turn his or her head to see behind.

  2. Photo of a chain saw cutting into a large log. Photo by I Stock.

    How to Be Safe When You're Using a Chainsaw

    Jul 21, 2017

    MANSFIELD, Ohio — When it comes to using a chainsaw, there are things you want to cut, like any of Ohio’s millions of still-standing dead ash trees killed by the emerald ash borer pest, and things you don’t want to cut, like … anything not a tree.

    A class offered Aug. 3 in Mansfield will help you keep them straight.