NSCW Intermediate Goals

Intermediate Goals (1-2 years) of the Signature Program:

  1. Conduct cooperative on farm and field trials for BMP of application method, timing and nutrient rates.
  2. Adoption of soil testing and utilization of Tri-state fertilizer recommendations for agronomic crops or appropriate recommendations for other crops.
  3. Promotion of utilizing all nutrient sources organic or inorganic to meet agronomic needs for crop production.
  4. Development of a mechanism to support adaptive management information for producers and the agriculture industry.
  5. Improve crop nutrient utilization efficiencies by considering rate, timing, placement and source of nutrients.
  6. Development of voluntary Nutrient Management Plans that include crop recommendations, and site environmental risk assessments developed by program participants.
  7. Identify fields with high nutrient loss risk and implement appropriate cost effective Best Management Practices on these fields.
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