Stay Informed!

What is a ListServ?

A ListServ is a fast way to communicate by email.

How does the ListServ work?

A ListServ works by allowing us to send one email to a group of subscribers interested in a program area. The ListServ also provides us a quick way to share information about workshops that will be taking place here at OSU South Centers. 

Note:  We do not share your email address with anyone outside of OSU Extension and we do not send spam.

Can I post to the ListServ?

If you send a message to the ListServ, it must be reviewed and approved by the ListServ manager before it will be posted to the ListServ group.  Spam or unrelated message content will not be shared with the group; anyone who attempts to send such messages will be removed from the ListServ.

The OSU South Centers Aquaculture Program currently hosts four Listservs.  Subscribe to one or all by clicking the titles provided below.

Aqua-Ohio – will give you the big picture of what is happening in the aquaculture industry today. You’ll receive educational opportunities, wanted to buy or sell requests for fish and aquatic equipment and relevant industry announcements. 

SC-aquaponics – used to discuss and share information related to the growing field of aquaponics. 

Shrimp-Talk – used for sharing information particular to freshwater prawn culture.

Yellow Perch –  used for sharing information particular to yellow perch.

*If you have any problems subscribing to the listserv, email Julie Strawser.  Once your email address is added to the ListServ for a particular program, you will begin receiving timely emails about that program area.