OSU Extension's Aquaculture Program provides information and resources to those interested in aquatic farming either on a small (hobby) or commercial scale. The learning curve for this industry is steep and it is our job to educate those interested in this type of farming. Additionally, we provide support to established farmers in Ohio and the region. It is extremely important for anyone interested in getting into this industry to fully explore all aspects of the operation prior to getting started.

Our program offers:

  • Information Sharing – We strive towards understanding the big picture and facilitating information learned around the world to the general public through our email listservs, website and social media. Ohio has the advantage of looking in their backyard to have their fish farming questions answered. 
  • Workshops/Conferences - Our comprehensive educational opportunities offer the latest on industry changes, fish health, water quality, best operational and business practices and more. Sign up for the aqua-ohio listserv to receive notices of our events. (Located under the ListServs tab on the left)
  • Publications and Resources - Learn from the experts through the many resources available on our website and through helpful links. Extension publications are science based but geared towards the general public. This allows for a greater understanding by all.