Buckeye AgriPod

Discover science-based solutions for agriculture and natural resources with the Buckeye AgriPod. Hosted by Cindy Folck with Ohio State University Extension, this bi-monthly podcast features Extension professionals sharing insights and innovations from applied research. Subjects range from diverse farming enterprises and techniques to natural resources management and collaborative partnerships. 

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2019 Episodes of Buckeye AgriPod

Episode 6 - Invasive Species with Amy Stone  | Sticher | Apple Podcasts

April 10 • 10 minutes

Amy Stone discusses invasive species and the effects on Ohio’s ecosystems. She talks about spotted laternfly, a potential invasive species in Ohio, as well as lessons from emerald ash borer. She also talks about the Buckeye Yard and Garden Online website as a source for pest alerts. Amy is the Extension educator in Lucas County and more information is available at bygl.osu.edu and invasives.org

Episode 5 - Highlights from the East Ohio Women in Ag Conference  | Sticher | Apple Podcasts

March 27 • 23 minutes

Farm stress, civil discourse, and raising healthy livestock were among the topics at the East Ohio Women in Agriculture conference. Speakers and attendees from the conference are featured on this episode including Dr. Jeff Dwyer, Director of Michigan State University Extension, who gave the keynote at the conference about farm stress and the innovative approach MSU is using to reach farmers. Other guests are State FFA officers Grace Lach and Holly McClay, veterinarian Dr. Terri Specht, and Susan Mykrantz, editor of the Ohio Jersey News. More information about Ohio Women in Agriculture is available at u.osu.edu/ohwomeninag

Episode 4 - Ohio Women in Agriculture | Sticher | Apple Podcasts

Feb 12 • 17 minutes

Heather Neikirk discusses networking and events available for women involved with agriculture in Ohio. Heather is the Extension educator for Stark County and part of the statewide Ohio Women in Agriculture network. This episode features background about the network and information about the upcoming East Ohio Women in Agriculture conference. Information about the network is available on their blog at u.osu.edu/ohwomeninag 

Episode 3 - IPM Outreach in Ohio | Stitcher | Apple Podcasts

Jan 14 • 15 minutes

Jim Jasinski, program coordinator for the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Program for Ohio State University Extension discusses activities and programming by team members involved with IPM in this episode of Buckeye AgriPod. IPM areas involve specialty crops, including hops and barley, pollinator awareness, agronomic crops, and even bed bugs. For more information, Jasinski can reached at jasinski.4@osu.edu and through the IPM website at ipm.osu.edu

2018 Episodes of Buckeye AgriPod

Episode 2 - Aquaculture in Ohio and Beyond | Stitcher | Apple Podcasts

Dec 18 • 24 minutes

Matthew Smith, Aquaculture Program Specialist for Ohio State University Extension, discusses the aquaculture industry in this episode of Buckeye AgriPod. The industry is growing and provides opportunities for farmers in Ohio. He discusses the viability of the venture for farmers considering adding aquaculture, or looking to start an operation. For more information, Smith can be reached via email at smith.11460@osu.edu and through his website at southcenters.osu.edu/aquaculture/extension

Episode 1 - Small Farm Opportunities | Stitcher | Apple Podcasts

Dec 4 • 23 minutes

Tony Nye discusses programs available for small and beginning farmers in this episode of Buckeye AgriPod. The program helps farmers not only obtain information, but also create networks. Nye talks about strategies and challenges for farmers and the most important items to contemplate when planning a new venture. He details programs such as the small farm colleges as well as small farm regional conferences. Nye is the leader of the Ohio State University Small Farm Team and is an Extension educator in Clinton County, Ohio. More information available at agnr.osu.edu/small-farm-programs

Episode 0 - Welcome to Buckeye AgriPod | Sticher | Apple Podcasts

Dec 4 - 5 minutes

This podcast will feature Extension professionals working in diverse areas of agriculture and natural resources with Ohio State University. The podcast will focus on science-based solutions with the professionals sharing insights and innovations from applied research.