1. Photo of the Ohio Statehouse

    The Ag Law Harvest

    May 3, 2021

    The final day of April is already here!  Spring feels like it has finally arrived and planting season is in motion across Ohio.  Just like farmers in the field, legislatures, government bodies, and courts across the country are hard at work adressing critical agricultral and resource law issues.  We've gathered a collection of those issues for this Ag Law Harvest. 

  2. New Bulletins on Personal Guarantees and Operating Loans

    Apr 14, 2021

    By:Peggy Kirk Hall, Associate Professor, Agricultural & Resource Law Wednesday, April 14th, 2021

  3. USDA rolls out its Pandemic Assistance for Producers Initiative

    Apr 14, 2021

    By:Peggy Kirk Hall, Associate Professor, Agricultural & Resource Law Monday, April 12th, 2021

  4. Woman carrying a child and carrying a basket of apples

    Midwest Women in Ag Community Education Series

    Feb 26, 2021

    Midwest Women in Ag Community Education Series

  5. Peggy Hall

    Ohio Legislation on the Move

    Feb 26, 2021

    By: Peggy Kirk Hall, OSU Ag and Resource Law Program

    Originally published on February 15-

    The Ohio General Assembly is off and running in its new session.  Many bills that affect agriculture in Ohio are already on the move.   Here’s a summary of those that are gaining the most momentum or attention.

  6. Photo of a black cow and calf in a field with other black cows

    2021 Cow-Calf Outlook Review

    Feb 1, 2021

    by: Garth Ruff, Beef Cattle Field Specialist

    For beef producers in Ohio and across the U.S., 2020 was no walk in the park for several reasons related to the COVID-19 pandemic. On January, 26 2021 the OSU Beef Team hosted a Cow-Calf Outlook program featuring Dr. Kenny Burdine, Extension Livestock Marketing Specialist from the University of Kentucky.

  7. Planning for the Future of Your Farm - A Webinar Series

    Jan 26, 2021

    By:Jeffrey K. Lewis, Attorney and Research Specialist, Agricultural & Resource Law Friday, January 22nd, 2021

  8. Ohio’s Drainage Laws Get Major Update

    Jan 22, 2021

    By:Peggy Kirk Hall, Associate Professor, Agricultural & Resource Law Wednesday, January 20th, 2021

  9. Barry Ward

    Farm Office Live Webinars

    Dec 30, 2020

    Barry Ward, David Marrison, Peggy Hall, Dianne Shoemaker – Ohio State University Extension

    “Farm Office Live” returns virtually this winter as an opportunity for you to get the latest outlook and updates on ag law, farm management, ag economics, farm business analysis and other related issues from faculty and educators with the College of Food, Agriculture and Environmental Sciences at The Ohio State University.

  10. Farm Management Needs Pulse Survey

    Dec 11, 2020

    The Ohio State University Extension Agriculture and Natural Resources program works to improve production and maximize profitability while promoting environmental stewardship.

    We are reviewing our farm management resources and ask you to rank your “top 3” areas from the following list for your farm management needs and support wanted.