Don't Know Which Tree is Which? There's Help

June 27, 2017
woman looking up at trees in a forest

MANSFIELD, Ohio -- So you want to know your trees. On July 7, a class offered at The Ohio State University’s Mansfield campus will help you. Called Name That Tree, the class will show you how to identify Ohio trees using common traits like their leaves. About half the class time will be spent outdoors practicing. The 600-acre campus is full of trees.

Knowing how to identify trees can help you take care of them, said instructor Kathy Smith. Smith heads Ohio State’s Ohio Woodland Stewards Program, the class’s sponsor. Every tree species has different care needs, she said.

The class is from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. starting in 100 Ovalwood Hall at 1760 University Drive on the campus.

Register by Friday

Registration is $35, includes lunch and materials, and is due by this Friday. Details and a link to register are at To learn more, call 614-688-3421.

Participants are eligible for five continuing education credits in the Ohio Forest Tax Law program.

The class is one of many offered by the stewards program, which is run by Ohio State University Extension, the outreach arm of Ohio State’s College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences.

Writer(s): Kurt Knebusch 330-263-3776 Source(s): Kathy Smith 614-688-3136