Technology and Data Management on the Dairy Farm- Mini Series Session 2 (Virtual)

Ohio Farmer panel 

From milking parlors, to robots, to sophisticated are increasingly using technology to make management decisions on the farm.

Dairy farming has evolved greatly over the last few decades.  If there was ever an industry in need of new technologies to become leaner and greener, it’s dairy farming. Many different kinds of technologies exist in the market today. The sheer number of various technologies and the information produced by them can be overwhelming and confusing. Technologies monitoring various parameters are available to farmers and often these technologies fall into categories including Nutrition, Production, Animal Health, Fertility, and Environmental.

The decision to adopt a technology depends on factors such as management style, familiarity with computers, ease of use, type of housing system, and perceived benefit to cost ratio.  Farmers have many considerations before adopting and implementing dairy technologies. Farmers must consider their unique objectives as well as family needs.  Technology, and increased access to data are enabling dairy farmers to make smarter day-to-day decisions to improve cow health, production, and on-farm efficiencies.

Join us again on February 24th at 12:30 for a Dairy Farmer panel on utilization of technology on the farm. A panel of dairy farmers from across Ohio that use precision dairy farming technology in both robotic and parlor operations will be joining us to answer questions about how these technologies benefit their operation. The farmers on our panel each have unique experience using technologies produced by many different manufactures. They will share with us how their farm management has changed to incorporate the technology to improve cow management and health. To register visit: