Small Grains Field Day


  • Wheat Disease ID and Management
  • Wheat Breeding: Developing Disease Resistant Varieties
  • Wheat Quality Evaluation
  • Use of Small Grain Cover Crops in Soybean Production
  • Crimping and Planting Demonstrations
  • Winter Two-Row Malting Barley Development
  • Reduced Lignin Alfalfa: Getting More With Less
  • Kernza Perennial Grain Update
  • Small Grain Baleage
  • The Importance of Wheat Harvest Date
  • Wheat Nitrogen and Growth Promoter Application Demonstration
  • Organic Oats and Red Clover Plots (Optional)


  • Ohio Corn and Wheat Growers Association
  • Ohio Seed Improvement Association
  • Ohio Soybean Council

Education Credits

  • Pesticide Re-certification and CCA credits are available