PorkBridge (Virtual)

Mental Health for Pig Barn Workers, Monica McConkey, Minnesota Department Of Ag

What is PorkBridge? 

PorkBridge combines electronic materials with live presentations from topic experts by teleconference six times each program year on an every-other-month basis. All session audio is recorded and made available to ensure participants don’t miss a thing!

Why subscribe to PorkBridge? 

  • You’ll have access to university and industry professionals with a variety of expertise, during and after the sessions.
  • You can take part in this educational opportunity without having to worry about time off from work, travel distance or inclement weather.
  • Sessions begin at 11:15 a.m. Central Time and last no more than an hour.
  • Each session has a Q&A time following the presentation.

What do I need to participate? 

  • Telephone access to call in for live session presentations.
  • Valid email address to receive links to download each session’s materials.

Registration deadline to ensure first session materials access: January 20, 2021

Cost is just $100 (U.S.) per program year. Additional registrations from the same entity are half that cost. Ask about fee outside U.S. and Canada.

Ohio State University Contacts: Steve Moeller, Moeller.29@osu.edu Dale Ricker, Ricker.37@osu.edu

Please see attached document for registration information and additional details for the program series.