The Meating: A Regional Meat Marketing and Processing Summit - VIRTUAL


The Ohio State University CFAES Center for Cooperatives and Farifield County Farm Bureau invite you to The Meating: A Regional Meat Marketing and Processing Summit, a gathering of livestock producers, processors and olicy stakeholders to learn about and discuss local and regional meat production and marketing opportunities and challenges.  Hear from industry professionals, university and government experts.

Meet the Speakers

Livestock and Meat Outlook, Dr. Andrew Griffith, University of Tennessee 

A look at livestock production, expected inventory changes, meat production, and consumer demand and how they will influence livestock and meat prices in the coming year.

Legislation That Would Change Meat Processing, Elizabeth Rumley J.D., National Agricultural Law Center

A general outline of authority for slaughter and processing of meat and poultry, a discussion of the effective differences between state and federal processing oversight, including custom exempt slaughter, and an overview of proposed federal and state bills that might affect processing requirements in the United States.

Ohio Farm Bureau: Ohio Meat Policy Updates, Brandon Kern, Ohio Farm Bureau Federation

A discussion of meat processing policy issues, the Meat Processing Investment grant program, and recent legislation and initiatives supporting small and mid-size processors.

Planning to Advance Mobile Meat Slaughter and Processing in Ohio and Central Appalachia Panel, Angela Blatt, Ohio Food Policy Network; Paul Dorrance, Pastured Providence; and Rachel Tayse, Franklin County Food Council Steering Committee

Demand for local meat continues to grow, but bottlenecks in the local meat value chain, especially the limited processing capacity, continue to inhibit the market opportunities for livestock farmers in Ohio and Central Appalachia. Speakers share current information about “Planning to Advance Mobile Meat Slaughter and Processing in Ohio and Central Appalachia”, an 18-month project that tests the need for an additional local meat value chain intervention that serves red meat livestock farmers, processors, and consumers.

The State of Meat Processing, Dr. Lyda Garcia, The Ohio State University

A look at the meat processing industry, the impact of COVID-19 on the supply chain, considerations for new and growing processors, and an outlook into the next year of meat processing and marketing in Ohio.

Connect with Resource Providers!

  • OSU Extension Beef Team
  • Ohio Department of Agriculture
  • Appalachian Center for Economic Networks
  • Ohio Association of Meat Processors
  • Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association 
  • OSU Extension Direct Ag Marketing Team

Partners will be available throughout the morning to share their services and resources for Ohio meat producers and processors.

This event will follow current health and safety guidelines of The Ohio State Univeristy. Learn about Ohio State’s safe and healthy protocols at

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