Manure Science Review

Join us at MVP Dairy and learn about its state-of-the–art technology for caring for a 4400-cow herd and protecting environmental resources. Established in 2019 by the VanTilburg and McCarty families, MVP features 6 tunnel-vented barns, with four hundred 72-inch fans, an 80- cow rotary parlor, and precision ag technologies. Tours • 80-cow DeLaval rotary milking parlor • Sand lane and GEA slope screen liquid-fiber separator • Educational Center, which highlights MVP’s regenerative farming practices Speakers • Updates: Saturated buffer research and Grand Lake St. Marys | Stephen Jacquemin, Wright State University-Lake Campus • Legacy phosphorus runoff | Will Osterholz, USDA –ARS • KDS /Quick wash manure nutrient recovery | Theresa Dirksen, Ag Solutions Demonstrations • Solid manure application comparison and calibration • Liquid manure application and incorporation • Side dressing growing crops with manureContinuing education credits available.
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