Hops Field Night

The Ohio State University will be hosting the Hops Field Night at the South Centers in Piketon on August 8, 2018.

This field night is geared towards all growers, new and experienced.  The field night will be held partially indoors, with the majority of the workshop being out in our hops field.  Some of the topics to be discussed are:  

  • Galvanized Trellis System
  • Hop Mechanical Harvesting Demonstration
  • Drying Demonstration
  • Insect & Disease
  • Pest Management
  • Nutrient Management & Fertigation demonstration
  • Drip Irrigation Management

Attendees will receive hands-on experience, visit our hops field, and receive multiple handouts-including the Ohio Hop Disease Management Guide.

Attendees must preregister.  To register, please contact Charissa Gardner at gardner.1148@osu.edu or at 740.289.2071 ext. 132.

You don’t want to miss this educational one-on-one opportunity!