Greater Cincinnati BYGLive! Diagnostic Walk-Abouts

What Is It? 

Professional Training:  The Walk-Abouts are for Green Industry professionals (arborists, landscapers, turf managers, nursery managers, etc.).  Participants earn ISA Certified Arborist CEU’s.

Comprehensive:  Participants look at plants, plant pests, plant diseases, landscape designs, and other points of interest.  Discussions focus on plant problem diagnostics, plant health management, plant selection, and sustainable landscape designs.

Hands-On:  The training is held outdoors; topics are viewed first-hand.

Real-World:  The Walk-Abouts reflect real-world landscape scouting; anything found on the Walk-Abouts is open for consideration!

Up-to-Date:  Updates are provided on newly emerging plant health issues (e.g. pest outbreaks, non-native invasives, changes to pesticide labeling, etc.)

Multi-State:  The Greater Cincinnati BYGLive! Diagnostic Walk-Abouts include visits to horticulturally significant sites in Ohio and Kentucky