A Day in the Woods

May 10: Spring Edibles From Your Woods - Vinton Furnace State Forest

-Explore the spring woods in search of edible plants and fungi

-Learn about the nutritional and medicinal properties of common woodland plants and fungi

-Discover ways that you can add variety and nutrition to your diet from the plants and fungi in your woods


May 24: Tree and Shrub Identification - Hocking College (Bonus Friday)

-Learn to use leaf characteristics to identify trees and shrubs

-Explore a variety of woodland habitats and understand the site requirements of common woody plants

-Get a free tree guide and leaf identification key, and learn how to use them


June 14: Woodland Critters: Non-game Wildlife - Vinton Furnace State Forest

-Learn about the habitat requirements of gray treefrogs, flying squirrels, and other woodland creatures

-Explore a variety of woodland habitats and learn about the critters associated with them

-Understand the life histories of these species


July 12: Woodland Stewardship Opportunities - Vinton Furnace State Forest

-Discover techniques, resources, and assistance available to help you improve your woodland

-Learn how to manage undesirable species on your property

-Understand the steps you can take to maintain oak in your woods


August 9: Hocking Hills Hemlock Forests and Night Sounds - Hocking Hills State Park, Camp Oty'Okwa

-Explore the hemlock forests of the Hocking Hills Region

-Learn the important roles these forests play in wildlife and stream ecology and the invasive insect threat they are facing

-Enjoy a summer evening and learn the night sounds associated with these forests


Septemper 13: Timber Harvesting: Things to Consider - Zaleski State Forest - CCC Camp

-Make sure that your timber harvest is compatible with your woodland goals

-Visit active and recently closed timber sales

-Learn where to get hlep with your timber sale to ensure that you receive a competitive price and are please with the process


September 14: Family Day in the Woods - Vinton Furnace State Forest

-This kid friendly event includes a variety of hands-on activities and interactive booths. Enjoy a hay ride through the forest. Learn about the abundant wildlife that inhabit our woodlands. Rattlesnackes, blue jays, insects and golden eagles to name a few! Observe a sawmill in operation, experience tree cookies, and much more! Kids from 1 to 99 are welcome. There is no cost to register, but please RSVP


October 11: Woodland and Wildlife Research - Vinton Furnace State Forest

-Learn about the latest wildlife research, including rattlesnakes and blue jays, taking place at the Experimental Forest

-Get an update on the latest research on our oak-hickory ecosystems and techniques to sustain them

-Enjoy the fall woods


November 8: Winter Tree Identification - Zaleski State Forest

-Learn to use buds and twig characteristics to identify trees

-Recognize bark of common trees

-Identify trees using nuts, acorns and other clues that you can find on the forest floor