The Bee Short Course for Community Scientists (Virtual)

Oct 15, 2021, 10:00am - 11:00am

Join fellow bee fans for this free monthly webinar series. We'll explore the world of bees and learn together from bee experts to build skills as community scientists. Whether you're a seasoned wild bee volunteer or just beginning your bee journey, the skills learned in this series will prepare you to help our threatened pollinators.


All sessions are from 10 - 11:00AM Eastern

on the third Friday of the month, May - November 2021


May 21: Randy Mitchell, The University of Akron

Bee Botany 101


June 18: Jamie Strange, The Ohio State University

Melittology 101: An Intro to Bee Science


July 16: Olivia Carril, author and biologist

Methods of Collecting and Documenting Bees


August 20: Heather Holm, author and biologist

Insect Photography and Using iNaturalist to

Observe and Document Wild Bees


September 17: Sam Droege, USGS Native Bee Lab

Tips and Tricks from The Handy Bee Manual


October 15: Mary Gardiner, The Ohio State University

Contributions of Community Science to Entomology:

Benefits for People and Nature


November 19: Molly Martin, Bee City USA/Xerces Society

From Community Science to Advocacy in Action:

Case Studies in Conservation


This is a collaborative effort from: OSU Department of Entomology, The Chadwick Arboretum and Learning Gardens, and The US National Native Bee Monitoring Research Coordination Network (RCN).


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