Bee Lab Webinar

Come learn more about bees and pollinators. 
We record and archive all webinars on the Bee Lab website.
2018 Bee Lab Webinar Series (60 minutes well spent!)
April 18, Olivia Carril, author and biologist: Identifying Common Bees of the Great Lakes Region
May 16, Reed Johnson, OSU Entomology: Where are Honey Bees Foraging in Ohio?
June 20, Kim Flottum, author and editor of Bee Culture Magazine: Ethics in Beekeeping
July 18, Alex Zomchek, Master Beekeeping Instructor: Insect/Animal Husbandry – What You Do and Don’t Do Matters!
August 15, Elizabeth Long, OSU Entomology: Protecting Pollinators from Pesticides
September 19, Kelley Tilmon, OSU Entomology: Pollinator Diversity in Ohio Soybeans
October (date TBA), Randy Mitchell, The University of Akron: The Ohio Bee Survey: In Search of the Rusty Patched Bumble Bee
Webinars are at 9:00AM EASTERN, typically on the third Wednesday of the month. All webinars are free, and no registration is required. To Join a webinar, follow the link below and LOG IN AS A GUEST at about 8:55 EASTERN the day of the event: To access the webinar through a phone, iPad or other device, download the Adobe Connect app and join through the link.