2021 Buckeye Fresh Mini Meat Cutting Workshops

Want to learn more about food animal processing? Ohio State University extension meat specialists are offering a two-day
workshop to help the current labor force face challenges brought forth by the 2020 pandemic.

What To Expect: Participants will have a better understanding of anatomy, muscle myology, cutting guidelines, food safety, meat quality, the role of processed meat and government regulated non-meat ingredients (i.e. salt, phosphates, nitrites, etc.) finalized by conducting hands-on cutting tests to understand the impact of yields on profit margins.

Who Can Attend: Anyone (18 years of age and older) interested, or currently, working in meat processing plants.

Cost: $125 (for both days)

Method of Payment: Credit Card

Location: OSU Animal Sciences Building, The Ohio State University Room 111 - Indoor Arena; 2029 Fyffe Court, Columbus, OH 43210

Lunch will be provided, please specify any food allergies. 

Choose one of the following dates:

March 26 & 27

April 9 & 10

April 23 & 24

May 7 & 8

May 21 & 22