2018 Environmental Policy and Outlook Conference

Join us for the 2018 Environmental Policy and Outlook Conference at the 4H Center.  Register here.

8:30am -4:30pm


Water Quality: Pathways to Sustainability

9:00am - Keynote: Gail Hesse, National Wildlife Federation: “Lake Erie: Finding Smart, Realistic, Sustainable Solutions for a Healthy Lake”

9:45am -  Professor Allen Klaiber: "The Economic Impacts of Harmful Algal Blooms"

10:10am- Professor Brent Sohngen: “How Much Could it Cost to Meet a 40% Reduction in Phosphorus Emissions in the Western Lake Erie Basin?”

10:35am - Break

11:00am - Panel:

  • Karl Gebhardt, Deputy Director for Water Resources, Ohio Environmental Protection Agency  
  • Kristy, Meyer, Vice President of Natural Resources Policy, Ohio Environmental Council 
  • Yvonne Lesicko, Vice President, Public Policy, Ohio Farm Bureau

12:15pm - Lunch

Energy: Economics and Policy of Renewables and Climate Change

1:00pm - Keynote: Beth Trombold, Commissioner, Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO)

1:45pm: - Dave Sims, Avangrid Renewables LLC: "Renewable Energy Markets"

2:15pm - Break

2:30pm -  Scott Weaver, AEP: “AEP’s Clean Energy Future”

3:00pm - Panel – What should the future of energy in Ohio be? How do we get there?

  • Senator Bill Beagle 
  • Trish Demeter, Vice President of Policy - Energy, Ohio Environmental Council
  • Michael Shelton, Associate Director for the Office of Energy and Environment, The Ohio State University

4:30pm - Conclusion