Volume 2, Issue 7, April 15, 2015

Personnel Update

  • Wayne Dellinger will start as Union county ANR educator on April 20.
  • Hocking County ANR state screening will be on May 6 with county screening TBD
  • Marion ANR state screening will be on May 6 with county screening TBD.
  • Trumbull County ANR will be reposted with state and county interviews TBD
  • OSUE is beginning the process to hire new SE and SW Region Directors. I am the search committee chair, along with Cindy Torppa as Co-chair. We are waiting for formal approval of the positions from the Deans office prior to forming the search committee. More information will be forth coming.


Congratulations to the following NACAA State Communications and Poster Award Winners:

Class #1-Audio Recording
1st - Ed Lentz

Class #2- Published Photo & Caption
1st - Curtis Young

Class #3- Computer Generated Graphics Presentation with Script
No Winners Named

Class #4-Program Promotional Piece
1st-Beth Scheckelhoff & Gigi Neal
2nd-Chris Bruynis, Dave Apsley, Julie Evans & Jeff Fisher
3rd- Brad Bergefurd & Charissa McGlothin
Honorable Mention - Mark Landefeld & Dan Lima
Honorable Mention - Eric Barrett

Class #5-Personal Column
1st-Pam Bennett
2nd-Emily Adams
3rd- Eric Barrett
Honorable Mention- Heather Neikirk

Class #6- Feature Story
1st-Eric Barrett

Class #7- Individual Newsletter
No state winners identified

Class #8- Team Newsletter
1st – Veg Net (Bergefurd, B.*1, Eric, R.2, Filbrun, B.3, Gahler, A.4, Gao, G.5, Gardiner, M.6, Harker, T.7, Hoeflich, M.8, Jasinski, J.9, Kleinhenz, M10, Kowalski, J.11, Landefeld, M.12, Lewandowski, R.13, Malinich, T.14, McGlothin, C.15, Miller, S.16, Scheckelhoff, B.17, Slaughter, R.18)

2nd –Ohio Ag Manager Newsletter (Bruynis, PhD, C.L.*1, Adams, Emily2, Brown, Deborah3, Clevenger, Bruce4, Custer, Sam5, Douridas, Amanda6, Gearhardt, Larry7, Hall, Peggy8, Lewandowski, Rory9, Marrison, David10, Morrow, Levi11, Neal, Gigi12, Richer, Eric13, Shoemaker, Dianne14, Ward, Barry15)

Class #9- Video Recordings
1st- Alan Sundermeier & James Hoorman
2nd- Sabrina Schirtzinger & John Barker
3rd- Pam Bennett, John Rice & Walter Warkus
Honorable Mention-Chris Bruynis & Larry Gearhardt

Class #10-Fact Sheet
1st – Peggy Kirk Hall

Class #11-Publication
1st – Jim Hoorman, Richard Hoormann, Rafiq Islam, Sarah Noggle, Alan Sundermeier and Curtis Young.
2nd –Chris Bruynis & Larry Gearhardt

Class #12-Web Site/Online Content
1st – Peggy Kirk Hall

Class #13- Learning Module
1st – Chris Bruynis, Bruce Clevenger, Eric Romich, & Larry Gearhardt

Class #14-Bound Book
1st-Pam Bennett & Maria Zampini

Ohio’s Research Poster Winner:
Iron Soil Phosphorus Release May Impact Harmful Algae Blooms and Water Quality, Hoorman*, J.1; Young, C.2; Sundermeier, A.3; McCutcheon, J.4; Islam, R.5

Ohio’s Extension Education Poster Winner:
Collaborative Efforts to Save Hemlocks in Ohio, Jerry Iles, Dave Apsley, Tom Macy and Stephanie Downs

All 1st place winners will advance onto regional, and hopefully national competitions. Thanks to David Marrison & Gigi Neal for co-chairing the Communications Awards Committee and David Marrison and Jim Hoorman for co-chairing the Poster Awards Committee.

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Farm Bill Program Charges

If you have outstanding Farm Bill related charges, please submit those through erequest ASAP. Farm Bill programs are winding down, and we want to make sure all billing is complete before the funding expires.

Campus Campaign

It’s that time of year again to show our Buckeye pride and give back to the University through the Campus Campaign (http://cfaes.osu.edu/development/events/campus-campaign-2015-is-here). In 2014, our college had its highest number of donors ever, increased support across all campuses and received university-wide recognition amongst our peers. Your efforts and support made that possible. Thank you!

This year, we have set an ambitious yet attainable goal of 45% participation and we’re already over halfway there! As of February 4th, 27% of our college has already given back to a fund of their choice. Campus Campaign 2015 runs through April 30th, and every gift counts, no matter the size. Your participation is key! Please join us in meeting our goal.

There are two ANR development accounts I’d like you to keep in mind as you prepare to make your gift to the University. They are fund numbers:

  • 305079- AG/NR Team Support: -this helps support ANR team activities
  • 312761- OSUE AG/NR Edu Prof Imprfd: To be used for OSU Extension Agriculture and Natural Resources Educators for Professional Improvement, recognition and other needs to support their profession

Campus campaign runs from March 1 through April 30. If you have questions, or need more information, feel free to contact Rachel Schrock.

Verbiage to insure a landowner hosting an OSU program is insured

Please see below for verbiage that can be put on OSU letterhead that insures a landowner for hosting an OSU program. Note that the letter should be signed before the program date. This can be used for any landowner. Municipalities should have their own insurance; what you see below is more geared for private homeowners and landowners.

Dear [Landowner],

Thank you for permitting participants in the Ohio State University Extension [Name] program to access your property for purposes of conducting a nature walk on [date(s)]. Should you know of any condition on your property that may be hazardous or that you wish the [Name] program to avoid, please let me know prior to [date of program]. In consideration for granting such access, you are hereby named as an additional insured on the Ohio State University’s program of insurance for purposes of this activity. You may access evidence of our insurance information by going to http://u.osu.edu/treasurer/files/2014/09/The-Ohio-State-University_GL-Ce....
We appreciate your support of the Ohio State University Extension program.



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EERA Update

Buckeye Hills

Morgan County – Chris Penrose - In Morgan County, Chris has been busy presenting goal setting seminars at both the Annie’s Project and New and Small Farm Conferences in addition to teaching sessions on Haymaking and Extending the Grazing Season at the Small Farm Conference. Several sessions of pesticide and fertilizer certifications and recertification’s were taught at in partnership with other counties. Pesticide certifications were also offered to the agriculture students at local high schools. Chris also maintains a weekly press release published in The Morgan County Herald, appears on WHIZ-TV, attends weekly Rotary meetings and was recently elected to the American Forage and Grassland Council Board of Directors. Chris remains active in JCEP and NACAA and recently submitted both a journal article and posters to the NACAA.

Perry/Licking County - Ted Wiseman - Farm Bill conducted 7 meetings with 232 attending for both Counties Pesticide Recertification conducted 5 meetings with over 90 participants for Licking and Perry. Assisted teaching in 6 other re-certifications in Muskingum, Morgan and Athens counties. Fertilizer Certification conducted 4 programs for Licking and Perry for 103 producers. Assisted with two programs in Muskingum and one in Athens Counties. Hosted beef school in both counties with a total of 38 producers for all three sessions. Small Farm Conference: Assisted with set up and was a Co-presenter on the Friday session in Wilmington discussing fencing, facilities. Taught Forage and Hay testing session on Saturday with 24 attending. Assisted with the Wooster Small Farm conference on Friday and Saturday. Taught beef production in Xenia for the small farm college 38 attending.

Wrote an article for Farm and Dairy and also one for the Beef Team Newsletter. Continue doing weekly radio and Monthly TV segments. Monthly Professional Agrarians meetings, Met with Agronomy Committee conducted Hall of Fame Breakfast and are planning variety corn trials with Foundation Seeds. Conducted Adult Pork Quality Assurance Program, and co-taught youth Quality Assurance. Presented IPM program to the Athens County Master Gardener Training. Attended Agronomy and Spray In-services. Conducted a group tour with local beef producers at the new ATI beef handling Facilities. Met OSU student Interns in the Masters in Plant Health Management (MPHM) program. Planning Perry County Home and Garden show, tree grafting class, and gardening programs.

Monroe County – Mark Landefeld - Beef and sheep webinars were hosted for clientele over the winter and Mark participated in hosting these sites. Pesticide recertification’s and pesticide trainings were held for both existing license holders and new applications. An abstract and poster was submitted to the NACAA national meeting. Further programs include : tax management meetings, honey bee meetings in Monroe County for local apiarists, fruit tree grafting, growing shiitake mushrooms, community garden planning and teaching “Weed Control in Hay and Pastures” at the West Virginia Farmer Short Course in Parkersburg, WV.

Belmont County – Dan Lima - January was a month for the “Shale Development and Your Local Water Supply” workshops. The first was in Jefferson County and the 2nd was in Belmont County. Total participants were 62 people between both workshops. Sarah Cross and I made a poster that we are taking to NACAA this year. I will attach the poster with the abstract, which summarizes everything.
The village of Barnesville developed a water protection plan through various meetings Jan-Mar with Ohio EPA. The emphasis of the group was protecting Captina Creek and the three public water reservoirs in the village. Representatives in the group were OSU Extension, Belmont Soil and Water, Various Gas companies (Antero, Chesapeake, AEP) Barnesville Water Dept, Fire Dept, Emergency Management, and the Captina Watershed Conservancy group. Belmont County hosted the beef webinars with John Grimes. Attendants were about 6 per session.

February was pesticide recertification in Belmont (Feb 5)
Quality Assurance for 4-H youth participants ~200 youth and parents (Union Local High School) 14th Feb

March kicked off with a big Master Gardener project in the Belmont County Correctional Institute. The Belmont County Prison has a garden that certain inmates participate in. The food gets donated to food shelters and the prison kitchen. The Master Gardeners donate seeds and provide tips on pest management, spacing, watering, and Identifying pest vs beneficial insects. (100 inmates attended the session). 28 people showed up for the initial pesticide license test on the 17th in Barnesville.

Shiitake Mushroom class in St Clairsville 23
Martins Ferry Elementary 4th grade have germinated many oak tree seedlings. The Master Gardeners are involved in getting some soil tests done so that the students can plant the trees on campus.
Grazing workshops kicked off on the 31st in Barnesville (~25 attendants)

Athens County – Ed Brown - Athens county has kicked the year off with pesticide and fertilizer meetings. We have also, commenced another Master Gardener class with 11 participants. The classes started in late February and will conclude the first week in May. We also agreed to be a host site for the Beef School.

Washington County – Levi Morrow - Since January Levi has completed five farm bill meetings with local FSA offices, held a six week Annie’s project, helped to teach three GAP’s trainings, offered two pesticide recertification’s, and one fertilizer certification trainings. He hosted an ag. outlook meeting and a beef program covering vaccinology. Coming up Levi is continuing to help teach GAP’s trainings as well as aiding master gardeners on their upcoming garden road show and plans for teaching summer gardening classes out of the raised bed gardens at the office.

Noble County – Breanna Pye - In Noble County, the Beef and Sheep webinars were hosted at the Southeast Regional Office. Pesticide recertification was held in conjunction with Guernsey County for those applicators needing to renew their license. The Noble County crew has a new office, which is housed in the Noble County Multi Agency Building at the address of 46049 Marietta Road, Caldwell, Ohio 43724. The last Buckeye Hills ANR meeting was held here in March. A farm bill meeting was hosted, as well as a farm tax workshop, fertilizer certification and estate planning and wealth management workshop, which was very successful.

A grazing series has been developed with Morgan County Extension as well as Noble County Soil and Water, which is coming up in the spring. The Master Gardeners will be hosting an Herb Garden workshop later this month. Additionally, Breanna is working with Lori Harris, SNAP-Ed in Noble County on the Noble County Growing Together project which uses funds from the Southeast Region Endowment to provide raised garden beds for individuals served by the Noble County Board of Developmental Disabilities and Department of Job and Family Services to provide them education about and access to fresh foods. A three part grazing series, which began in Belmont and Monroe Counties will wrap up this month in addition to a pipeline meeting and GAP Certification. Two abstracts and posters were submitted for judging for NACAA. Breanna continues her weekly article in The Journal, monthly newsletter as well as periodical appearances on WHIZ-TV in Zanesville and WCMJ Radio in Cambridge.

Meigs County – Marcus McCartney - As winter came to a close in Meigs, so did the first quarter of effective programming. Sixteen crop producers attended the FSA and Extension farm bill meeting. Twenty-six residents participated in Pesticide Recertification Training (P.A.T.) where 23 successfully renewed their pesticide license and three came to observe. Four farmers received their fertilizer certification through the Fertilizer Applicators Certification Training (F.A.C.T.). Also, we hosted state Representative Debbie during a legislative visit to the county giving us the opportunity to showcase our programming and impacts in the community.

Currently in the county, two school garden programs are underway. Lessons on food production, soil readiness, and plant development are being delivered to students. At the end of both programs, students will have fruits and vegetables to take home with them. Upcoming programs and/or events include: teaching activities with local garden clubs, farm visits, pesticide applicators certification test, local Ag agencies coalition outreach meeting, and monthly WSAZ John Marra show appearances.

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Crossroads EERA

Summary: Like ANR educators across the state, Crossroads educators have been busy with farm bill education, fertilizer applicator certification training and pesticide recertification training this past winter season. In general educators had good cooperation and collaboration with FSA on farm bill programs and enjoyed that working relationship. Fertilizer applicator training has had a mostly positive response from clientele and many meetings had good attendance. Most of the educators that held 5 hour programs that combined fertilizer applicator training with pesticide recertification training thought that format was not in the best interest of clientele. Educators have noted that some clientele need very basic information, while others need more advanced information. This presents some teaching challenges. There has been discussion in our EERA that educators without strong agronomic backgrounds would benefit from more training and that training should focus on how to teach with clearly defined objectives for the various subject matter units. Pesticide recertification meetings have gone well and many educators incorporated some hands-on activities with their teaching.

Here are some additional program highlights by county:

Carroll County: (Sandy Smith)

  • Developed 4-H livestock management and care presentations for various species and gave those presentations several times over the winter months
  • Tri-county Agronomy Day was successful, approximately 90 attended
  • Involved with the Women in Agriculture conference
  • Working with a multi-county backyard food program

Cosochton County: (Emily Adams)

  • Agronomy school was well attended with 44 participants this year.
  • Have continued to work with the produce safety team to provide good agricultural practices workshops

The Second Annual East Ohio Women in Agriculture Conference was March 27.

  • 107 women attended (including 29 youth). Total attendance including participants, speakers and vendors was 137.
  • Twelve break-out sessions covered four tracks: Business & Finance, Production- Made/Grown, Entrepreneurial, and Family & Community. 7 of the sessions were taught by OSU Extension educators/specialists and 5 sessions were individual or panels of professionals and agribusiness women.
  • Jackie Kirby-Wilkins delivered the welcome and keynote speaker was attorney Kristi Wilhelmy, partner at Barrett, Easterday, Cunningham & Eselgroth, LLP.
  • Gold sponsors of the event included Farm Credit Mid-America, 7 individual east Ohio county Farm Bureaus, and PNC Bank. There were also 7 other event sponsors. A total of 12 vendors participated in the Network Fair.
  • Visit the blog at http://u.osu.edu/eastohiowomeninag/ This event is planned and implemented by ANR and FCS educators in Crossroads EERA – Emily Adams, Chris Kendle, Heather Neikirk, Kate Shumaker and Sandy Smith.

Guernsey County: (Clif Little)

  • Little & Penrose also were accepted for a national presentation paper and poster, at the American Forage and Grassland Association annual meeting 1/11-14/15 in St. Louis, MO. The title of the paper and poster “SORGHUM-SUDANGRASS: AN OPTION FOR BOTH FORAGE AND FUEL”
  • Little et.al., accepted for two poster & abstract presentations at the 2015 NACAA annual meeting. These are “Increasing Forage Yields with Surfactants”, and “Strengthening Local Grazing Programs by Using a Regional Approach”.
  • Little presented a FAMACHA class as part of the 2/9/15 sheep web school.
  • Little taught “Poisonous Plants for the SE Ohio Dairy Goat Association 3/28/15
  • Held a tax issues workshop with positive evaluations received
  • Grazing School is underway 3/31/15-4/14/15 every Tuesday night.

Holmes County: (Gary Graham)

  • Conducted several successful, well attended Maple Days meetings
  • Working on an ANR directory for Crossroads EERA

Harrison and Jefferson Counties (Sarah Cross)

  • Tri-county Agronomy Day was successful, approximately 90 attended, good cooperation from other agencies
  • Involved with a once per month Backyard food production series with Carrolton and Harrison Counties. This is a collaborative effort with SWCD offices in those counties, planning and teaching shared between Extension and SWCD, includes hands on session plus some field/farm visits
  • Did some beg bug education
  • Did a farm transition program
  • Did a shale gas development workshop and more will be done in the future

Mahoning County: (Eric Barrett)

  • Mahoning County has 47 entrepreneurs in our Bright Ideas to Business Plan Class in Youngstown, helping urban farmers and food businesses get started.
  • 30 community leaders learned the ins-and-outs of starting and operating a community garden. 100% of attendees said they learned something new that would help them with their community garden.

Muskingum County: (Mark Mechling)

  • Hosted beef school webinar series
  • Had John Barker do a program on drones
  • MG are involved in some community gardens and a tree planting project

Stark County: (Heather Neikirk)

  • Had a successful 3 session grazing school, collaborated with NRCS.
  • Working on Farm to School projects and grants
  • Working on Food Security and access projects
  • Master Gardeners work with the library system to distribute heirloom seeds
  • Worked with the Women in Agriculture conference

Tuscarawas County: (Chris Zoller)

  • Taught farm bill education in 9 counties
  • Collaborated on 4 pesticide applicator recertification meetings with Coshocton County

Wayne County: (Rory Lewandowski)

  • Did a 2 session farm transition workshop in March with leadership provided by David Marrison. Participants came from a regional area with 55 attending session 1 and 59 attending session 2. According to workshop evaluations, as a result of attending 94% plan to hold intergenerational family meetings, 97% plan to meet with an attorney to develop a farm succession plan, 100% said that they plan to complete a farm balance sheet and 96% plan to complete a record of important documents and personal information that facilitates transfer of the farm business.
  • Wooster was the host location for the NE Ohio Living Your Small Farm Dream conference on March 28. The ANR educator coordinated the planning and organization of the conference. Approximately 135 to 140 participants attended, plus there were 23 exhibitors. 25 different topics were offered across 4 break-out sessions and 19 of those were taught by Extension educators or Extension specialists. Co-sponsors and collaborators included USDA agencies; Rural Development, Farm Service Agency, National Agricultural Statistics Service, Natural Resources Conservation Service and Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service.
  • Worked with the Wayne County Auditor’s office and the Wayne County Farm Bureau to organize a CAUV information meeting. Approximately 205 persons attended the meeting.

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Team and Program Updates

Poultry Team
The poultry team will have three activities this Spring. On April 13, we will meet with producers in Columbus to discuss the avian influenza situation and steps to be taken to prevent introduction of the virus and what to be done if the virus appears in Ohio flocks. On April 30 the team will meet with producers for the Semi-annual meeting to discuss current heath and production issues. On May 1, we will host the Tri-States Poultry Veterinarians Semi-annual meeting in Ft Recovery.

Extension Nursery and Landscape Team (ENLT)
One of the key activities of the OSU Extension Nursery Landscape and Turf Team (ENLTT) is the OSU Green Industry Short Course (formerly known as the OSU Nursery Short Course). For 2015, the Short Course (88th annual) will be in Columbus at the Columbus Convention Center, in conjunction with the Ohio Turfgrass Conference and Show on December 8-10. Yes, it will dovetail with the OSUE Annual Conference, so you can double-dip during that week this year – registration is free to all of you.

There will be over 100 educational talks and workshops at the joint conferences, ranging from sustainable landscaping to golf course management, from a wide range of talks that qualify for pesticide recertification credits from ODA, to plant material talks and landscape design programs, including edible landscaping, very appropriate for the College of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.

In addition, this year we will also feature an additional day of a Trees on Tap program, on Monday, December 7, combining our Why Trees Matter tree benefits forum with tree selection and maintenance topics and featuring national speakers on i-Tree and tree care. There will also be informal late afternoon and evening breakout sessions to talk trees.

So, join us for the OSU Green Industry Short Course, come to any or all of our team meetings and outings if you are so inclined, and check us out weekly from now until October for our weekly inservice and follow-up e-newsletter, the Buckeye Yard and Garden Line (BYGL). Check it out at bygl.osu.edu and if you additionally want an automatic text-version of BYGL, request to be put on the BYGL listserve by contacting fischnich.1@osu.edu. Also if you would like to participate in the weekly inservice and call, let us know (stone.91@osu.edu, chatfield.1@osu.edu).

Meat Goat Team
The Meat Goat Team has been active in the last quarter. The team taught “Maximizing Production and Profitability of Goats” sessions at Small Farm Colleges in Greene and Delaware Counties.

Team Members also gave the lecture “Goat Breeds and Breed Types-Selecting the Right Breed for Your Market” for Animal Science 4004 Small Ruminant and Pseudo Ruminant Production Management.

Shale Energy Work Group
The Shale Energy Work Group is a collection of OSU Extension educators, OSU faculty and staff, and agency representatives from Farm Bureau and ODNR that meet on a monthly basis to discuss issues related to Shale Energy Development. Educators provide updates on programs taught; grant updates and issues in the region. Campus faculty provides updates on related activities. ODNR provides updates on drilling activity and legislative updates. In addition, Farm Bureau provides updates and trends on drilling, pipeline issues and other activities. Each month there is a featured speaker that is recorded and made available on the serc.osu.edu/extension website. Topics planned for the rest of this year include: wealth management, community issues, updates on drilling and development, landowner educational issues, and environmental issues. Also on the website are related fact sheets and other information developed by the group.

Educational programs related on shale energy continue including water and environmental issues, pipeline issues and wealth management. Pipeline issues have been emerging not only in Eastern Ohio, but throughout the state. According to Dale Arnold from Farm Bureau, 60 of Ohio’s 88 counties are currently affected or will be affected with pipelines in the next year. If you see interest in your county for a pipeline program, please contact me. We have several educators that have developed excellent programs and are will to present for your clientele.

For the educators in the western part of the state, we are also hearing about potential leasing activities in your area. If you see a need for programs or specific concerns from landowners, give Chris Penrose a call.

The rig count at the first of the year remained strong with 49 rigs drilling wells in Ohio. However, with the price of oil dropping by over half since the middle of last year to around $50 a barrel and oil storage at record levels, major changes are occurring. Activity is still every evident, but the rig count on April 4, had dropped to 24.

The Shale Energy Work Group meets on the last Tuesday of the month at 9:30 a.m. on campus and if you are interested in attending or joining in remotely, contact Chris Penrose at penrose.1 or Mike Lloyd at lloyd.4 (co-leaders of the work group). If you have issues in your county related to leasing, development, pipeline issues, community or wealth management issues related to Shale Energy, please contact Chris or Mike.

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