1. Cable being installed with backhoe along roadway

    CFAES Report Focuses on Ways to Increase Rural Access to Broadband Internet in Ohio

    Mar 22, 2018

    COLUMBUS, Ohio — While the majority of Ohioans have access to fast, reliable broadband internet service in their homes, some 1 million others don’t, says an analyst with the C. William Swank Program in Rural-Urban Policy at The Ohio State University.
  2. Prescription pills next to filled syringes

    Overdose Rate Tied to Jobless Rate

    Mar 22, 2018

    COLUMBUS, Ohio — The decline in Ohio’s manufacturing jobs, especially since 2000, occurred about the same time overdose deaths began to rise so sharply in the state.

    Researchers at The Ohio State University have connected unemployment and underemployment to the opioid epidemic in Ohio, where drug overdose deaths were the second highest per capita nationwide in 2016.

  3. Ohio State CFAES recognizes 13 at its Alumni Awards Banquet

    Mar 19, 2018

    Congratulations to the recipients of 2018 Alumni Awards from the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences (CFAES) at The Ohio State University.