1. Dr. Peter Thomison standing in front of his corn research talking to a crowd

    OSU Research Field Days

    Jun 4, 2018

    Join us this summer for field days featuring Ohio State University research. You'll have the opportunity to talk with the researchers and learn more about innovations and new technology. Read more...

  2. front entrance of hospital emergency room

    Farmers Must Prepare for the Unthinkable

    Aug 16, 2018

    COLUMBUS, Ohio — Tony Nye is a man on a mission.

    A serious heart-related illness in late 2017 shook him to his core. It also convinced him that many farmers, both small-scale and large-scale, need to hear what he has to say.

    “I was as close to knocking on the Pearly Gates as possible before I turned the corner,” he recalled. After surgery, he lost both weight and strength and spent a month in the hospital. “I wasn’t able to return to the barns for almost six months.”

  3. Purple coneflowers blooming in a field

    Two Green Places to Visit When You Go to Farm Science Review

    Aug 10, 2018

    LONDON, Ohio — Farm Science Review, the major agricultural trade show set for Sept. 18-20 in London, will share what’s new with trees, fish, wildlife, pastures, ponds and gardening, too.