1. Photo of a young girl mowing grass beside a brown field on a zero turn law mower

    Summer is a good time for a youth labor checkup

    Jun 14, 2021

    School is out and youth employment is in.  As more and more youth turn to the job market during summer break, now is a good time to review the laws that apply to youth working in agricultural situations.  Here’s a quick refresher that can help you comply with youth employment laws.  For additional details and explanation, refer to our law bulletin on “Youth Labor on the Farm: Laws Farmers Need to Know.

  2. Photo of a green field with a large sprayer spraying the field

    When pesticide drifts: what next?

    May 13, 2021

    Pesticide drift is a risk many farmers face.  Pesticides in the wrong place can injure unintended targets such as crops, trees and other vegetation, animals, and people, and can raise questions of liability for the misapplication. What should you do if you suspect pesticide drift?  Whether you’re on the sending or the receiving side of it, here’s a summary of what could happen after an incident of pesticide drift.

  3. Photo of the Ohio Statehouse

    The Ag Law Harvest

    May 3, 2021

    The final day of April is already here!  Spring feels like it has finally arrived and planting season is in motion across Ohio.  Just like farmers in the field, legislatures, government bodies, and courts across the country are hard at work adressing critical agricultral and resource law issues.  We've gathered a collection of those issues for this Ag Law Harvest.