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Small Farm Programs

The agricultural landscape of today is very different than it was 20 years ago. Farms are getting fewer in number and are growing in acreage.  However, one segment of agriculture is growing rapidly.  The "Small Farmer" is a term used for individuals who are practicing agriculture on a very small amount of acreage, usually under 100 acres. These farmers are often new to agriculture and are looking to begin a different lifestyle.  Based on increased information requests from these new and small farm owners, Ohio State University Extension has developed a comprehensive new and small farm ownership and management program.

The Mission of OSU Extension Small Farm Programs:

To provide a greater understanding of production practices, economics of land use choices, assessment of personal and natural resources, marketing alternatives, and the identification of sources of assistance for new and small farms in Ohio.

OSU Extension Small Farm Program Objectives:

  • To improve the economic development of small farms in Ohio.
  • To help small farm landowners and families diversify their opportunities into successful new enterprises and new markets.
  • To improve agricultural literacy among small farm landowners not actively involved in agricultural production.

Our Current Small Farm Program Events

Ohio New and Small Farm College

Ohio Small Farm Conferences and Trade Shows