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Spotted Wing Drosophila Organic Research Update

Feb 1, 2017, 12:00pm - 1:00pm

Members of a multi-state research project will provide a comprehensive update on organic management of spotted wing drosophila. It will cover findings of the research conducted during the first year of this project on organically approved strategies including: 1) behavioral strategies to improve monitoring (using more attractive baits and lures) and management (attract and kill approach); 2) cultural strategies to lower SWD populations in the field (canopy and floor management, and using exclusion netting); and 3) chemical strategies (using organically approved insecticides in combination with adjuvants and phagostimulants. Presenters are Ash Sial, UGA; Mary Rogers, UMN; Christelle Guedot, UWisc; Kelly Hamby, UMD;Rufus Isaacs, MSU; Tracy Leskey, USDA; Vaughn Walton, OSU.

Over the past year we've been including updates in this newsletter on an important multi-state research project on Spotted Wing Drosophila. Some of the many team members are presenting a webinar on February 1st, see above, but they have also been posting updates on their research at different locations around the country. This month, read about their experiments on SWD exclusion with netting and tunnels in Minnesota on fall-bearing raspberries, and in Arkansas on blackberries. Be sure to attend the upcoming webinar on SWD to hear more about this project! Find the project website with additional information at http://eorganic.info/node/12848.