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Nutrient Stewardship for Cleaner Water
The Nutrient Stewardship for Cleaner Water initiative is an Ohio State University Extension Signature Program designed to improve water quality by helping growers efficiently use nitrogen and phosphorus to keep more of it on the field resulting in increased crop yields and farm profits and cleaner water.
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Something's Fishy in Piketon
Learn about Ohio's aquaculture industry and tour a working hatchery at OSU South Center's First Friday Aquaculture Tour held April through October.
Well Water Interpretation Tool
Wondering if your well water is safe? To help you find out, we've teamed up with the Ohio Department of Health and the Ohio EPA to bring you an online tool to help interpret findings from your water quality test.
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Get the latest information on agronomic crops.
The Agronomic Crops Network is an online resource dedicated to bring you the latest news, information, and resources for making important management decision in agronomic crop production. Visit the team's website at http://agcrops.osu.edu.
Get the latest information on agronomic crops.

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  1. chainsaw

    Learn how to be safe with chain saws

    Mar 25 2015 - 8:12am

    The Ohio State University is offering two classes this spring to help farmers and other workers stay safe when using a chain saw. CSAW Level 1 Training will be held April 6 and CSAW Level 2 Training will take place April 13, both on the Mansfield campus. CSAW stands for “chain saw safety awareness that works.”
  2. Ohio State Workshop to Offer Insight on Dairy Reproduction and Genomics

    Mar 24 2015 - 11:00am

    Dairy producers who want to take more control over the profit potential of their future herds may want to consider genomic testing, which can help identify which heifers to raise that are genetically superior and will offer producers the best return on investment, said an Ohio State University Extension veterinarian.
  3. Tiger Salimandor (photo: iStock)

    Can We Stop Amphibian Apocalypse? April 9 Talk at Ohio State

    Mar 23 2015 - 11:03am

    America’s amphibians, already threatened by one deadly plague, could wind up facing another. The salamander-killing fungus Batrachochytrium salamandrivorans, or Bs, which is spreading in Europe but hasn’t yet reached the U.S., is the subject of the next Environmental Professionals Network breakfast program at The Ohio State University.